Dionie McNair - Glossary:Brianna's World
Dionie McNair - Young Adult Fiction Author

Glossary: The Abrasaxon's Daughter Series

Important Entities

Zelig: The Sleeping Death
Zelig is an evil Tyban. He overcomes his victims by putting them into a deep trance. when he discovers Brianna has magic he is determined to steal her power for himself.

An alien creature that invaded the twin lands of Okana ans Okiyarra. Many mortals died fighting this two headed, two tailed reptilian creature.

They have been exterminated from the twin lands, but when Kybotek, the evil Tyban who raises the dead has brought them back to life.

Brianna fights them at the lake

Sokomara Koshi
Sokomaras are ugly, but gentle creatures. They are huge, covered in bright orange fur and have enormous leather wings to fly.

They are generally creatures of the night, navigating by sonar as they seek the fruit                                                                     and insects they feed on.
Koshi befriends Brianna and her companions and helps them in their fight against the evil Tyban.


Kybotek: Raiser of the Dead



More to come...

Everyday creatures, terms and descriptions

Okana's Shandina

Scorpion's Heart Syniah
The pollen from the Syniah (flower)
to break Zelig's spell and save her family. 

more coming...

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