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Brianna's World

 Far, far, far, far away.... no can't use that because it belongs to Star Wars.

Many inhabited and uninhabited solar systems away lies a small solar system made up of four planets and a sun called Maysetta.

Mortals lived on two of the planets Valleta and Quabyll. 

Zaeweti was inhabited only by reptilian creatures because of its approximately to the sun. 

Yulit outer most planet from the sun is a warm lush planet inhabited by ancient creatures  with little intelligence. Similar to the dinosaurs which roamed the earth many years ago

Among these dinosaurs was a creature called a 'metra-gila'. A fearsome creature.

Of course the mortals who lived on Valitta and Quabyll knew nothing of this. They were a feudal agricultural people. They saw these planets as white blinking lights in the green night sky and  were more interested in the activity of the seven moons.

Early ancestors had passed down generation to generation the legend of the Moon Goddesses battle with the seven moon monsters. She saved their world from destruction.

The mortals had lived at peace for many hundreds of years under the guardianship of the Abrasaxon. A regal race of mortals blessed with magic. The Tyban are evil entities coming in many shapes and forms.

But changes are coming to this peaceful little solar system and these changes will effect Brianna's world.

Invasion of the Yabix
The brontosaurus looked up at the sky to its tiny brain and poor eyesight it was a green blur with occasional bright flashes. One flash was much brighter and much larger than the others and was coming closer. But the brontosaurus didn’t understand or have the brain capacity to care and returned to munching the lush vegetation when its mouth was empty.
It also ignored the rustle of vegetation a few feet away as a Yabix swung one of its barbed tails through the air and knocked a pterodactyl out of the sky.  The Yabix held the wriggling winged creature down with  enormous pinchers on its short front legs and ripped to shreds with two sets of sharp venom filled teeth from its twin heads.
With the carcass demolished the Yabix glanced up at the sky. It recognized changes in the green sky and stared at the ball of yellow flame growing larger in the green sky, but wasn’t capable of perceiving the threat it presented. The lumbering creature ruffled its scales and went in search of another pterodactyl to ease its hunger.
As the days passed the Yabix were aware of the increase in temperature and despite it being too early its body began o prepare for breeding.  The huge creature shed its old scales to reveal a beautiful skin of iridescent blue. After it had fed well it lifted its heavy jawed heads t o the sky and roared a call for a mate.

The Yabix gathered at the wetlands. A herd of a dozen increased to hundreds as the ambient temperature reached 45oC. There was no competition or seeking a specific mate just a slight jostling for room as the creatures made their way into the deeper waters of the lake. Eggs were released in glutinous bubbles and sperm as each animal groomed, stroked or rubbed shoulders against each other.
When the breeding was done the Yabix waded from the water and returned to hunting. No thought was given to the offspring they had enabled to exist.
The sperm glowed gold as a living stream blended with the white eggs. Now the ball of fire in the green sky loomed huge, a tail of fire arching for miles across the sky.
As the tiny two head, two tailed embryos split and divided cells and reached the size of a chook egg the smaller of the two planets accompanying the ball of fire burst through the ozone layer and entered the humid pure atmosphere of Yulit. For a brief moment before it crashed into Yulit it cast a shadow over the surface.
The Yabix gazed up for a moment sensing something was out of place then went back to hunting and rolling in the mud pools.
The burning moon hit Yulit at 5,000 miles an hour carving a huge crater in the surface, Mud, rocks, ravaged pants rose into the air in a swirling mud filed tornado.
The brontosaurus paused and glanced at the sky, but almost immediately went back to eating. The Yabix paused and looked up t the sky. They sensed impending disaster and  huddled together milling restlessly. Some of the male Yabix looked up at the sky and roared challenges to the strange phenomenon.
The planet had barely stopped shuddering from the first impact when the slightly larger moon exploded into the atmosphere and slammed into Yulit. Dust vegetation, rocks and dying creatures were thrown into the sky. Cliffs crumbled and rocks rolled down slopes.
The brontosaurus screamed and stampeded through the thick vegetation and across the wetlands. The weaker and aged were trampled beneath the thudding feet.
Steam and gases swirled from the impact site and formed a grey cloud just above the surface essentially blocking the sight of the approaching planet and the glow of the sun at the centre of the solar system.
The Yabix shivered the temperature dropped and huddled together for warmth. They sensed impending doom, but couldn’t understand nor relate it to themselves.
As the fiery ball came closer filling the sky with flaming gas and gaseous balls that fell like rain. The wetlands steamed and the lush vegetation sagged and shriveled. Pterodactyl fell out of the sky and lay panting and squawking on the now hot ground. Despite the easy prey the Yabix just milled staring at the sky.
Balls of flame hurtled down and appeared out of the dust cloud sizzling in the wetlands and exploding the vegetation.
As the sun collided with the lush green planet of Yulti the planet cracked down the middle with one side disintegrating into a million pieces and a cloud of dust. The other side broke into larger pieces. Most of them spun off into space but two were drawn inward into the solar system. The first piece hit the planet of Quabyll ad exploded on impact on the waterless planet.
The other small piece flew inwards and got caught in the orbit of the planet Valitta narrowly missing its seven moons. As it entered the atmosphere more than half the pieces burnt up.
Lek, a mortal with Abrasaxon blood looked up at the sky. The blaze in the night sky was bigger than he had seen previously. He watched the falling star burn its way to the surface until it disappeared behind the sacred mountains with a flash of orange. Then all was still in the night sky again.

Lek wrapped his arm around his wife. “I’ve been watching the star of Yulit for weeks. Tonight I can’t see it. The blaze of light was the last I saw of it then I saw the trailing blaze falling out of the sky. It landed behind the Sacred Mountains. Can stars fall out of the sky? If it landed on Vallitta I hope it was in a deserted area. It appears to have landed in Okiyarra.”

Miles away in Okiyarra the piece of Yulit landed with a splash and a shudder in the uninhabited swamp of Tiluma west of the village of Oswer. The impact shook the crockery of the shelves, set gorts mooing and the terrates laying double yoked eggs. Parents kept the children away and by the passing of the next cycle the lump of rock was as good as forgotten.

The Yabix War

It started as rumors—sightings in the wilderness of Okiyarra and the forests of Okana. The hunters would tell stories around the fire at night of glimpsing a huge blue creature with two heads and two tails.
The first victim crawled into the village of Odek his skin slashed to ribbons and going blind. Despite an immediate search by a group of village men and a several Watchers nothing was found. Talk died down and life returned to its peaceful amble.
The following rotation cycle there were six more victims—three died of their injuries and three were blinded. This time the Watchers came in full force. Twenty men armed and mounted. Retribution was swift. Two of the two headed creatures were slaughtered and dragged into the village for inspection.
The Abrasaxon Grand Archon, Diandron was called. The Abrogative Direktorate came. They inspected the creature and declared it was not Tyban, not magical and therefore not their problem. The mortals of Okiyarra and Okana were disappointed, but understood the Abrasaxon mandate of protection only included Tyban, rogue Abrasaxon and whitukas that had magic.
After years of peaceful existence neither Okiyarra nor Okana had any defenses. As the sightings and victims grew more frequent The Mayor of Odek, Rymer declared himself the Chieftain of Okiyarra’s army began to recruit and train all the young men he could convince to join him.  With two hundred under his command he went to war of the two headed creature they called the Yabix.

They fought and died. Horrible deaths. More were recruited this time for Okiyarra and Okana. It had become a matter of pride and honor among the young men. The creatures killed all in their path, destroying whole villages, slaughtering and devouring herd after herd of gorts. People were starving, afraid.

Nearly every young male joined the army. Sometimes whole villages of young males died. A generation was lost. But finally the Yabix were defeated. Remnants of the mortal army scoured the country, destroying every single Yabix. The mortal population was ravaged, but they rebuilt. A lingering bitterness remained that the Abrasaxon had not intervened. 

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