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Dionie McNair - Young Adult Fiction Author

About Me

I was a closet writer for several years before I got brave enough to share my work with anyone. At 24, I joined Eyre Writers Inc, a creative writing group in the seaside town of Port Lincoln. My first novel was a 100,000 word family saga novel.
My novel was not published and as I spent more time with the writers group I discovered why. My writing was raw, wordy, and lacking in finesse. I desperately wanted to be a writer and set out to improve my writing by attending workshops and classes whenever they were offered. And improve I did.
After a workshop on 'How to write a Mills and Boon' novel, I embarked on a new direction—writing the romance novel, but even with significant improvements in my style, publication remained elusive. After studying children's literature at university I wrote the first draft of The Scorpions Heart but despite several redrafts, it remained unpublished.
For a while, life—raising three children, a marriage breakup, and studying—got in the way and writing was temporarily abandoned. I went on to work in marketing and fundraising for five years and then moved to Volunteer Management with a large not-for-profit. But the stories remained in my head and eventually one cried to be released onto paper. So I took up the pen again (or the computer keyboard, as it was this time).
After being made redundant from the job I loved in 2011 I became a carer for my frail, vision-impaired mother and turned to fulfilling my dream of becoming a writer. Two years later, my significantly re-worked young adult novel, The Scorpions Heart, was accepted for publication. It was a heart stopping moment and the realisation of a lifelong dream.

When I am not writing I enjoy spending time with my family & friends, especially my mother, and my three wonderful adult children and my two adorable grandchildren. 

I also enjoy egg decorating and carving, reading of course, painting and cooking.

And of course spending time with my fur babies

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