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Thanks for visiting my website and blog. Whether you are a reader or a writer, old or young I hope you will find these pages interesting. I am still adding pages I think might appeal to you.

I would love for you to contact meand begin a conversation. I love reading and I love writing. I have always found books to be a source of relation, surprise, adventure and information. It gives me immense satisfaction to share the books I read with you in the hope you will find they give you the same pleasure they gave me. Click onto Dionie's YA Reading and see what has caught my interest. 

As a writer I want to help other writers, especially those just beginning on their journey to becoming an author. Of course not everyone wants to be an author, but just enjoy the craft of writing and that is fine. Look under Snippets for Writers you never know there might be something just for you.

I currently have two books released both through Finch Books in the UK.

The Scorpions Heart Book 1 in the series The Abrasaxon's Daughter. A Fantasy with a quest. Book 2 will be following soon.
Either before or after you have read the book visit Brianna's World and explore her world.

My second book is a contemporary coming of age novel 
This novel explores the issue of bullying, teenage suicide and finding hope.
I was bullied both as a child and an adult. It makes me angry. Visit Helpful Links if you are being bullied. 

My blog for readers will be an eclectic mix of issues I find interesting and that might interest you. Have a look.

You can also find me on 
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